New website launch

We are pleased to launch a brand new BSTAI website. The site has been given a fresh new look both visually and also in how it will operate.

The new website now operates as a series of blogs (i.e. news feeds) and these blogs have been primarily divided into two main categories:

1. News
All BSTAI national news will appear on the main national news feed, which is also listed on the home page as well as the right sidebar of most pages on the site. In addition, each branch now has its own individual news blog, which can be updated separately by each branch.

2. Teaching
The premise of the teaching blogs is to have a simple way of sharing teaching concepts and ideas for each of the business subjects. These resources need not be limited to “notes” but also contain entries such as suggested lesson plans or analysis of recent macroeconomic events.

So we have created an individual blog for each of the following subjects:

  • Junior Cert – Business Studies
  • TY – Business
  • Leaving Cert – Acconting
  • Leaving Cert – Business
  • Leaving Cert – Economics

For anyone who will be contributing to any of the news blogs … don’t worry, it’s simple to update! Writing a news post for the website is basically just like writing an email.

We really hope you like the new look and please check back regularly for updates on the news and subject blogs.